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Flame monitor sensor only.

Flame monitor holder (SKU: KSL-B-47) sold separately.

Compatible with EPX and MPX VAL6 models, all years of manufacture.


Note: the flame monitor detects if the unit is working, if there is a flame. If the flame monitor does not detect a flame after 25 seconds of operation start-up or dirt/dust is blocking the lens from detecting a flame, the system will immediately shut down. The flame monitor may require regular maintenance, typically routine cleaning of the flame monitor lens with a soft, dry cloth or cotton tipped applicator. If replacement of the flame monitor is required the monitor housing is held in position by two screws, and the monitor is plugged into the circuit board. Also note there have been reports of units not operating if the unit is facing directly into the sun, as the flame monitor may register this as an irregular flame.


*Same as: SKU MPX-2-30


Manufacturer number: 50335 101009


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