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This Burner Control has been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer.  If you own one of the VAL6 heater models listed below you will need to purchase the KSL-B-25F Burner Control and upgrade to the following parts to make the new Burner Control compatible with your heater.

KSL-B-19C :: Power cable.

KSL-B-52 :: Operation/change-over switch cord. Note: the change-over part of the cord will not be used.

KSL-B-43A :: Thermostat cable.  

KSL-B-46A :: Tip-over switch cord.  

KSL-B-11A :: Flame monitor sensor. Note: if your flame monitor has a white wire and a pink wire, then it is already updated.  If it has a black wire, it requires the upgrade.


Compatible with the KBE5S over voltage, years of manufacture from 2006/2007 lot J-04 until 2012/2013 lot D-05.

Used for the 3 led KBE5S only

Manufacturer number: 50300 201032


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