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Compatible with the following VAL6 models:

  • KBE5L (single-speed), all years of manufacture


  • KBE5S
  • KBE5S-V
  • KBE1JA

Until 2005/2006.


*Note: prior to 2004/2005, the short-circuit cord for the KBE5S and KBE1JA VAL6 models were 2 and 3 pieces, respectively. The short-circuit cord is now one piece and should be used moving forward.

**Note: no short-circuit cord is needed for any KBE5S and KBE5S-V VAL6 model manufactured from 2006/2007 lot I-01 to present.


*Same as SKU: 1JA-B-36


Manufacturer number: 50249 203047


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